Speedway H.O.G. Chapter Road Captains


Safe Riding is the Speedway HOG Chapter’s core activity.

The Speedway Hog Chapter rides cover all types of roads and terrains.  Chapter rides may include highways, secondary, twisty/winding, urban, dirt, and gravel roads.  A Chapter ride can be in the mountains or by the beach.

Each ride is unique with its own hazards to avoid, unexpected weather conditions, lessons to be learned, sites to cherish, and memories to be made.

The Speedway HOG Chapter Road Captains organize and supervise each group ride to ensure that each group ride is safe, fun, and that no one is stranded.

Group riding has its own set of rules and challenges.  Our Road Captains are experienced and competent group riders who are dedicated to making sure that each Speedway HOG member feels comfortable and safe on each group ride.  Further, our Road Captains are committed to mentoring new riders to the art of group riding and will devote all the time and effort that is necessary to make sure that each new rider feels safe and is having fun.

The Speedway HOG Chapter is always looking for members who are willing to commit their time, efforts and skills to be a Road Captain.

If you are interested in becoming a Road Captain, then click here to get information on the process to become a Road Captain.

Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions.

Linda Raffa – Head Road Captain

Active Road Captain Roster

Linda Raffa

Head Road Captain

“JB” Brown

Bill d’Happart

Brenda d’Happart

Stan Darmochwal

Perry Deaton

Tony Green

Paul Herrmann

Paul Hurley

Bill Johnston

Jay Kelley

Tim Klaassen

Bo McDonald

Tim McManus

George Newhook

George Powell

John Rieber

Mick Riggleman

Matt Tuttle

Brian Van Dyke

Lee Ward

“Bear” Wertz

Dan Wilson