1.  Each Entry must be from a Current Speedway H.O.G. member and must be for one person only.
2.  Your entry must include at least 26 photos with ALL the following elements in EACH photo.

  • Your Harley-Davidson
  • You (minimum of 10 photos must have you in them)
  • An official sign designating a City or Village which has a name beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
  • 2021 Directory in all photos

   An official sign is:

  • A sign posted by a government body, which lies within the boundaries of the place it identifies.  Mileage markers of directional signs are NOT allowed.
  • Government buildings with the name of the City or Village on them, such as post offices, police stations, court houses, etc.

Your entry must also include a list of each City or State and the date the picture was taken.  Names must be of a City or Village.  Photo’s in front of Harley-Davidson dealerships must have the name of the City written on the back of the photo.  Be sure to list the correct City.


3. Points will be awarded as follows: Possible Points
• One point for each City or Village Sign A-Z   (double points for Q, X & Z)      29
• 10 points for Harleysville, South Carolina  10
• Two points for a photo of you & your Harley at each of Speedway’s designated Varies
 HOG events (5 points for Toy Run) Varies



Watch for potential bonus points in the Eblast weekly.                                                                  

4.  The following incentives will be awarded:

  •       Entrance with the top points (1st place)                                                                      $250.00 Cash
  •       Second place                                                                                                                   $150.00 Cash
  •       Third place                                                                                                                        $  75.00 Cash

In case of a tie, a drawing will be held and placed in the order drawn.Such as a tie for first would result in the 1st & 2nd place winners and next highest would be for 3rd.

5.  The name of the State or City must appear in an “official sign” in the photo to receive points.
6.  All photos submitted must qualify as outlined in #2 above to be eligible for points.
7.  All photo’s will be returned to the participant.
8.  The name of all winners will be published in the Eblast
9.  All entries/photos must be turned in to Nichola at Speedway Harley Davidson and must be received no later than     November 29, 2021.
10.  Decision of the judges is final.